This is the full PDF version of the Joint Norwegian-Russian environmental status 2013 report on the Barents Sea Ecosystem - and the latest available full update published on this website. The report was initiated by the Joint Russian-Norwegian Commission on Environmental Cooperation and the work has been carried out in co-operation with the Joint Russian-Norwegian Fisheries Commission. 

The project "Ocean‐3, ecosystem monitoring in the Barents Sea" will establish the base for joint Norwegian‐Russian monitoring of the Barents Sea ecosystem. The project is a part of the Work Programme for the Norwegian‐Russian environmental cooperation 2013‐2015 (approved in Svanhovd, 18 Sept. 2012). The main partners in this cooperation from the Norwegian side

Norwegian Institute of Marine Reaseach and Russian PINRO have published reports on the state of the Barents Sea ecosystem since 2006 based on joint monitoring of the ecosystem under the framework of the Joint Russian-Norwegian Fishery commission. The scope of the report was extended in the report published in 2009 with more scientific institutions involved