Heavy metals in muscles. Manganese (Mn)

Pollution: Contaminants in seabirds
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The kidneys of adult animals excrete excess Manganese efficiently. Therefore Manganese is not seen as a problem in Arctic marine ecosystems.

There is a significant difference between different seabird species in the Manganese background data. This difference is not related to trophic position, family relationships or feeding behavior.

Table: Levels Manganese (Mn) in seabird muscles 

  Levels of Manganese (Mn) in Black guillemot. Levels in Black guillemot Levels of Manganese (Mn) in Brünnichs guillemot. Levels in Brünnichs guillemot Levels of Manganese (Mn) in Common eider Levels in Common eider
  Levels of Manganese (Mn) in Common guillemot Levels in Common guillemot Levels of Manganese (Mn) in Northern fulmar Levels in Northern fulmar Levels of Manganese (Mn) in Common eider Levels in Glaucous gull
  Levels of Manganese (Mn) in Herring gull Levels in Herring gull Levels of Manganese (Mn) in King eider Levels in King eider Levels of Manganese (Mn) in Black-legged kittiwake Levels in Black-legged kittiwake
  Levels of Manganese (Mn) in Little auk Levels in Little auk  Levels of Manganese (Mn) in Atlantic puffin Levels in Atlantic puffin