Notice. Good environmental cooperation between Russia and Norway is important for taking care of the environment and managing the resources in the north. Due to Russia's war of attacks on Ukraine, government cooperation between the Norway and Russia has been reduced to a minimum and bilateral environmental cooperation has been put on hold until further notice. Hence, update of the Barentsportal concerning the environmental status for the Barents Sea has been put on hold.

Joint Russian-Norwegian Monitoring Project

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The project "Ocean‐3, ecosystem monitoring in the Barents Sea" will establish the base for joint Norwegian‐Russian monitoring of the Barents Sea ecosystem. The project is a part of the Work Programme for the Norwegian‐Russian environmental cooperation 2013‐2015 (approved in Svanhovd, 18 Sept. 2012). The main partners in this cooperation from the Norwegian side

are the Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI), and the Institute of Marine Research (IMR), and from the Russian side Sevmorgeo and the Knipovich Polar Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography (PINRO). The project's target groups are Norwegian and Russian management, research and monitoring institutions. This technical report presents results of the Norwegian–Russian effort on the development of a suite of indicators, reflecting the state of all ecosystem components and the level of anthropogenic pressure they experience, to be implemented in the joint ecosystem‐based monitoring programme. The results of this project form the baseline for further development of a joint ecosystem‐based monitoring programme for the Barents Sea.