Indicator: Introduced species

Red king crab. Photo: Norwegian Polar Institute

  Introduced species
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Rationale: Next to climate changes, introduced species represent the largest threat to biodiversity and habitat destruction in the world. Alien species may expel native fauna and cause serious changes in the ecosystem functionality. Exotic species are commonly dispersed by human activities, and ballast water and biofouling are thought to be the most important vectors in the marine environment.


Theme: Biotic

Component: Introduced species

Type of indicator: E/I, describes state of the ecosystem but is impacted by human activities

Priority of indicator: e, essential


• Distribution and biomass of king and snow crabs (IMR, PINRO)
• Species composition in ballast waters and hull fouling (IMR)
• Impact of king crab (IMR, PINRO)
• Impact of snow crab (IMR,PINRO)
• Door step species (IMR)

Responsible institution:



Approximate distribution of red king crab in the Barents Sea. Souece: Institute of Marine Research