Indicator: Dynamics of ice associated marine mammals

Observed from helicopter during the 2015 polar bear counting survey in Sbalbard and the Norwegian part of the Barents Sea. Photo: Jon Aars, Norwegian Polar Institute

Dynamics of non-ice associated marine mammals
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Rationale: Ice associated marine mammals are expected to be severely affected by declining sea ice extent. It is thus of great importance to monitor their population dynamics.


Theme: Biotic

Component: Ice associated fauna

Type of indicator: E/I, describes state of the ecosystem but is impacted by human activities.

Priority of indicator: e, essential.


• Polar bear population (NPI)
• The Barents Sea/White Sea harp seal population, distribution, abundance and biological state (IMR, PINRO, MMBI)
• Walrus population in the Barents Sea, distribution and abundance (NPI, PINRO, VNIIPrirody)
• Ringed seal population in the Barents Sea, distribution and abundance (NPI, PINRO)

Responsible institution: