Indicator: Dynamics of non-ice associated marine mammals

Balenoptera in Kongsfjorden. Photo: Ann Kristin Balto, Norwegian Polar Institute

Dynamics of non-ice associated marine mammals
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Rationale: Monitoring the dynamics of non-ice associated marine mammals in the Barents Sea area is essential for understanding overall ecosystem dynamics and as a basis for assessing and mitigating impacts of human activities on the marine fauna.


Theme: Biotic

Component: Marine mammals

Type of indicator: E/I, describes state of the ecosystem but is impacted by human activities.

Priority of indicator: e, essential.


• Abundance and spatial distribution of marine mammals (PINRO, MMBI, IMR)

Responsible institution:


Balaenopterid distributions as observed in the western Barents Sea during the ecosystem survey. Green shades: Averaged densities of baleen whales (fin, minke and humpback whales) in the years 2003-2007. Dots: observations of fin (blue), humpback (yellow) and minke (red) whales during the 2010 ecosystem survey. Russian observations are not included in the figure. Source: IMR