Indicator: Vulnerable and endangered species

Bowhead whale seen during a counting cruise in 2015 with R/V Lance. Photo: Norwegian Polar Institute

Vulnerable and endangered species
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Rationale: A healthy ecosystem is based on biodiversity. To maintain it, vulnerable and endangered species must be consistently monitored. They are important in terms of genetic, scientific, educational and esthetic value. They experience direct impact from anthropogenic activity as well as from the changing environmental conditions that affect their distribution and population numbers.


Theme: Biotic

Component: Rare and endangered species

Type of indicator: E/I, describes state of the ecosystem but is impacted by human activities

Priority of indicator: e, essential


• Total number of VES and number for the main categories: mammals, birds, fish (Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre, NPI, VNIIPRirody, MMBI, IMR, PINRO)
• Territorial distribution of VES (IMR ecosystem cruise, NPI, MMBI, PINRO, VNII Prirody)
• By-catch of VES (PINRO,IMR)
• Species of special interest (IMR, MMBI, PINRO, NPI)

Responsible institution:

Golden redfish one of the species of special interest. Source: Institute of Marine Research