Indicator: Pollution levels in the physical environment

Sediment stations sampled by the MAREANO programme in the period 2006-2009. Source:

Pollution levels in the physical environment
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Rationale: POPs, heavy metals (in particular Hg is of concern) and radionuclides are transported on a regional/ hemispheric/global scale. The Arctic is a sink region for these pollutants, where they may accumulate in biota and affect other parts of the ecosystems.


Theme: Human activities

Component: Pollution

Type of indicator: E/I, describes state of the ecosystem but is impacted by human activities.

Priority of indicator: e, essential.


• Pollution levels in air (NINA, NRPA)
• Pollution levels in the sea water (Klif, NRPA, PINRO, MMBI)
• Oil in water from regular discharges (NPD, Klif)
• Pollution levels in sediments (IMR, NIVA, NGU, NRPA, PINRO)

Responsible institution: